Raffle Awards

When you lose, you have a chance to win. All players who lost a game in the first 3 matches will be automatically entered into a prize raffle.

Players will be drawn at random from the losing players pool and will be allowed to choose one item of choice from the loot table.

Jack of All Trades

Award based upon 40% Battle Score(First 3 games) and 60% of Army Paiting Score.

To be considered the entire Army has to be fully painted.(3-paint scheme) If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us and ask.

Prize: N.I.B. Imperial Knight Titan

Tournament Prize Pool*

1st Place the 'Hannibal' Award-$300

2nd Place-$150

3rd and 4th Place-$80

*Based upon a full 32 Registered players, numbers to be scaled down for lower registered players

Charity Auction

Each week the Items being donated for the Auction will be updated here.

2,000-2,500 Painted Ork Army

Misc. Games Workshop Boxes.

Commission Works for Auction by Timothy Trentacoste, some recent awards include;

-2017 GW Inner Circle Gold

-2017 GW Inner Circle Overall Winner for the Country

-2016 Shorehammer Gold Armies on Parade

-2016 GW Armies on Parade Silver

If you wish to donate contact us at your convenience.